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We offer Mortgage broking through Finconnect, aggregator. Finconnect (Australia) Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Commonwealth Bank.


Over the years we’ve successfully partnered with the most trusted financial institutions in Australia to bring you an extensive and competitive offering for our clients.

We as Accountants and advisers add value to our clients, as a trusted provider of total financial solutions.

Loans with Us - Key Benefits

  • Independent Advisers – We provide fully Independent advice to get the Best loan product & provider to suit your circumstances and wishes. Avoiding the hidden costs of Non-conforming lenders, we offer you direct access to nine of Australia’s most trusted names – Commonwealth, NAB, ANZ, Westpac, St. George, Bank of Melbourne, Bank SA, Bendigo & Adelaide Bank, and ING Direct. 
  • Free Service – The banks offer you the same rates if you went to them directly or through us, hence our service is effectively Free. Brokers on your side can make the process easier & add leverage to get you the best outcome. 
  • Ongoing Support – We make the process clear to achieve your property goals, and assist every step of the way. Additionally, we have contacts at each lender for extra support. 
  • Tax & Financial Planning Expertise – We offer a High level of Tax & Financial planning expertise to develop the Best strategy for your property goals. Particularly beneficial when structuring a Negatively geared investment for maximum tax benefits and long term gain. Additionally, as tax agents we already have many of your details making the process easier. 
  • Property Consultation – Have a knowledgeable Property strategist available to join meetings, where we can also offer consultation given we know the successful strategies utilised across our client base. 
  • Ease of Annual Reviews – Ensure your lending needs continue to be met as per changing circumstances or wishes. Many have found limited ongoing service with external brokers, where much easier to review your loan at least annually at Tax time

Your Trusted Tax Agents as your Mortgage Broker

Best Strategy, Loan & Service

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